4-Day Week, how’s it going? – Sneak peek 👀

Back in March, Highgate announced that we would be trialling a 4-day week. With the official UK pilot starting this week, here’s a sneak peek at how we’re doing…
▪May was a record month for us! Many of our sales team also hit personal bests!

▪Feedback from everyone has been positive. The 4DW was described by one of our employees as “the best thing to happen to me, during my working life”.

▪Workloads have been managed efficiently and effectively with service levels remaining the same.

▪Some members of our operations team have had to learn new roles to ensure full cover. They have enjoyed being upskilled and gaining exposure to different areas in the business (and done a great job!)

▪April and May had a lot of bank holidays! During the weeks that have bank holidays, we use those days as the days off. Therefore, with many ‘set’ days off, due to Easter and May bank holidays, the first two months of our trial have not been as flexible as we envisage it to be going forward. 
We have also been working with Ultimate Resilience to run an impartial study on our 4DW trial. A survey was completed by all employees ahead of the trial and another will be completed once the trial period ends. This study is focused solely on our employees’ feelings (happiness, satisfaction, stress, anxiety, etc) and will show any increases or decreases and provide an insight into the success of the trial.
We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon, but we are pleased to say that so far, the introduction of the 4-day week is going as planned!