The Importance of Security
Operations Solutions

Today’s leading organizations need to protect themselves against the most advanced cyber threats, but lack the internal resources to address the high costs, complexity, and additional personnel that are required to build an impactful security operations center.

Organizations Face Fundamental Security Challenges

Too Much Noise

Alert fatigue, vendor fatigue, compliance,
and regulation fatigue — the journey never ends

Security Skill Shortage

Recruiting and retaining cybersecurity talent is hard, sometimes impossible

Cost of Response Time

The longer it takes to respond to an incident, the more expensive it is to remediate

Arctic Wolf Security Operations


Monitor the data 24×7 by a team of assigned security experts who learn your organization and continually optimize our solutions for maximum effectiveness in your environment


Centralize all data in our cloud-native security analytics platform for storage, enrichment, and analysis


Leverage your existing technology stack to gain broad visibility across endpoint, network, and cloud

Arctic Wolf Solutions

Arctic Wolf solutions install in minutes and immediately begin monitoring your environment, ensuring proactive and dynamic detection and response to threats, intrusions, and attacks. Organizations receive timely and actionable intelligence — without the overwhelming noise of endless false positives.


Managed Detection and Response

• IaaS and SaaS cloud detection
and response
• 24×7 monitoring
• Network inspection
• Log aggregation, correlation, and analysis
• Threat detection
• Compliance reporting
• Endpoint visibility
• Incident response



• Cloud Security Posture Management
• Continuous assessments
• Internal vulnerability
• External vulnerability
• Host-based vulnerability
• Account takeover risk detection
• Security controls
• Asset Criticality and Tagging


Managed Security

• Awareness training
• Tracking and reporting
• Phishing simulations
• Dark web monitoring


What does a security breach cost your business?

Risky security practices can have costly consequences

In 2023, data breach costs rose to £3.55 million, a 15% increase over three years and the highest average total cost in the history of the report.