Why Automox?


Automox Solutions

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Get full endpoint visibility and reporting across your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment, all from one place.

Third-Party Patching

Tired of using multiple tools to patch your systems? Patch them all, automatically, from a single platform.

Cloud-Native Deployment and Management

Automate the configuration, patching, and compliance of all your devices with a single VPN-free platform.

Configuration Management

Eliminate configuration drift with automated and hands-free control of any device.

Automated Cross-OS Patching

Automatically patch your Windows, macOs, and Linux devices with one easy to use platform.

Advanced IT Troubleshooting

The quickest path to resolving IT tickets starts here.

All endpoints. Always configured. Always secured

No more clunky legacy tools. Eliminated risk and automated configuration, patching, and compliance of your customers’ Windows, macOS and Linux systems with one cloud-native platform from Automax.

What Does Automox Do?

Today’s IT demands more than legacy tools can deliver. Only Automox enables complete visibility and control for every Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint from a single platform – at any scale. Now IT can easily act in real-time to drive greater strategic value and security outcomes for their business.