Security Services

No business is safe from hackers, but we can help yours be as secure as possible.

With cyber threats more prevalent than ever before, a robust security solution is essential for every business. We offer a number of services and solutions designed to protect your data and endpoints.

Our security services include…

Penetration testing

From a secure environment, we will simulate a real life ‘hack’ on your infrastructure. Of course this is a safe exercise, conducted by our trusted technical team. For you, it is a great way to identify any vulnerabilities your business may have.

Our security services include…

Network and Cloud Security Audits

Designed to detect any vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your security architecture, including its configuration. We then deliver an in-depth gap analysis and provide implementable recommendations.

Our security services include…

O365 Security Health check

Highgate’s Office 365 security health check is a point-in-time snapshot of your Office 365 tenant and user security. We help to identify potential threats and provide recommendations to secure your Office365 services.

Our security services include…


We work with schools, colleges, and MATs to digitally safeguard the students in their care. Our solutions work standalone or can be combined for a world-class package of digital safety. We know that every school, college, and MAT is unique, so we collaborate closely with each customer to understand their environment and provide flexible solutions that meet both their operational and digital safety objectives.


Our solutions include real-time filter, monitoring tools, firewalls, safeguard record management systems and E-safety training.

Our Technology Partners for Security