Delivering Managed API & Application Protection to the UK Market – Highgate Partner with ThreatX!

Since the end of 2022, cyber-attacks targeting APIs have increased by over 400%, and findings show nearly 5,000 API attackers operated in December alone.

Findings showed that 80% of attacks happened over authenticated APIs, leading to 48% of businesses confirming that API protection has become a C-Level discussion.

This is why Highgate have selected ThreatX as our API and application protection partner. ThreatX’s innovative technology platform is fully managed and backed by a 24/7 team of security professionals providing Protection-as-a-Service capabilities.

The ThreatX platform discovers APIs, detects threats, tracks behaviours and blocks with confidence; to ensure attacks are blocked in real time.

ThreatX can be deployed into your business in as little as half-a-day, and will be immediately fully managed by their team of experts. Their platform is preventative rather than reactive, through the technology tracking behaviours during not only single attacks, but also over time. Threats are detected and blocked before there is any impact. Additional sites can be onboarded in just 15 minutes, and they will be protected instantly. There are simple dashboards that allow you to easily understand what’s going on in your network – from the threats posed to APIs and apps; to a catalog of your API portfolio; to the state of botnets targeting your attack surface. ThreatX will automatically monitor, assess and block attacks by learning what attacks look like in your system, including DDoS, botnets, injection attacks and many more – including complex, multi-vector attacks more commonly seen today.

As the threat of API and app based cyber-attacks increases, we are very excited to work with ThreatX to help protect our customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about ThreatX, get in touch with Highgate: | 0300 140 0000