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Purpose Built for Zero Trust to Protect Organizations from Breaches and Data Loss

Unrivaled Global Cloud Network Security Fabric.

A containerized architecture built for infinite scalability. iboss created and operates one of the largest global cloud network security fabrics on earth. A scalable global service ensures Zero Trust network security and peace of mind, regardless of where users work.

150B+ Transactions Daily

The iboss Cloud Platform secures 150B+ transactions per day.

4B+ Threats Prevented Daily

On average, we are preventing over 4B+ security threats per day.

100+ Global POPs

One of the largest SASE platforms with over 100+ Points of Presence.

150+ Countries Connected

Places access closer to user giving faster secure connections anywhere.

iboss Zero Trust Edge Purpose Built for Zero Trust to Protect Organizations from Breaches and Data Loss

The iboss Zero Trust Edge prevents breaches by making applications, data and services inaccessible to attackers while allowing trusted users to securely and directly connect to protected resources from anywhere

Security for Mobile Users in the Cloud

Typical on-prem strategies for protecting mobile users involves redirecting data back to the data center or office for protection. This is usually cumbersome, slow and results in a poor user experience, in addition to high costs from appliance purchases and bandwidth costs at the office. The iboss cloud allows protection to be applied to users regardless of the users location. Protection is the same whether the user is at headquarters or working from a home office. This is because the users Internet access is protected in the cloud via cloud gateways. This substantially reduces equipment, bandwidth, labor costs and simplifies mobile security, resulting in better protection for all users wherever they roam.


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