Is your business suffering from the IT skills shortage?

Over the last couple of years, the technology sector has faced an ever-increasing skills shortage. Businesses are finding it harder than ever to recruit, train and retain suitable employees. The demand for entry-level and manual work has declined, and there is a higher need than ever for highly skilled professionals within nearly all IT disciplines.

Despite the higher demand for skilled workers in tech roles, fewer young people are engaging with these jobs every year. Reports have shown that many young people don’t believe they have the skills or the knowledge to fit these technical roles, and therefore are favouring to work in other industries.

Employers must now recruit from a smaller selection of candidates and there is also a pressure to meet the higher expectations of employees, that we have become familiar with since the pandemic: a healthy work/life balance, flexible working and higher salaries. Plus, now more than ever, candidates are keen to work for an organisation whose values align with their own.

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula, or one shoe fits all solution, but at Highgate, we’ve been creating individual services and solutions that will complement and address some of the gap shortages you may face. 

Automated cloud-based patching platform

One way of trying to reduce your IT team’s focus on manual and resource-intensive tasks is to introduce an automated patching solution.

Automox is a zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture, which keeps millions of endpoints fully updated, automatically. It reduces the risk of security breaches with its proactive rather than reactive approach to cyber-attacks. Tools like Automox reduce the need for manual engineering. IT teams will no longer need to be jumping between platforms and manually deploying patches.

In today’s cloud-appropriate world, where 75% of employees work remotely at least once a week, the on-prem hardware and VPNs which were built for the physical office do not offer the flexibility and speed required by IT teams to keep software up to date. Automox can automatically patch endpoints across all operating systems in 15 minutes.

You can find out more about Automox here:

Resource Augmentation Solutions

Our Resource Augmentation Solutions provide easily scalable, expert resources to support your digital transformation needs.

We cover various IT job roles in Technical Services, Operations Management, Project Management, and IT Consulting Services.

staff augmentation

Outsourcing roles such as engineering, analysts, project managers and many more can be cost effective to the business. You only pay for the services that you need and that are provided, rather than the cost of a full time employee. This can be particularly beneficial for companies who have a limited budget or need to allocate resources flexibly.

Staff augmentation is easily scalable – IT departments can scale up or down their workforce as required during periods of high demand or changing business needs. It can also reduce the workload of the existing IT team, allowing them to dedicate their time to their core responsibilities.

Another advantage to staff augmentation is that businesses will have access to skills that they don’t necessarily have in-house, allowing them to tackle projects that they may not have been able to without the specific expertise. The additional resource can contribute to improved project outcomes and timely completions.

The UK tech market hit a £802 million value in 2022, which demonstrated its resilience following a time where many industries struggled. The skills shortage is further proof of how much tech has grown, and as long as businesses can combat this, there is no reason why they can’t stay successful and continue to thrive.

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