January Fitness Challenge

January is a notoriously difficult and ‘long’ month for many, with the added pressure of New Years resolutions and the widely proclaimed ‘new year, new me’ mentality. At Highgate, we took these things and decided to make them a positive. We introduced a January Fitness challenge – all employees were invited to join the challenge, join the WhatsApp group, and share their activities.

Our focus has always been employees first, so we took the opportunity to motivate each other, and collectively hit our January goals. 

The 4-day week model gave everyone the extra opportunity to get moving, many of the team used their day off to fit in more exercise or try new regimes. The team all said that they were inspired and encouraged into exercise after seeing others post. 

Account Director, Dan Penfold, said ‘The challenge was a great incentive to start the year off on the right foot, health wise. I really enjoyed it! Having some form of accountability made a big difference to the effort I put in and the encouragement and positive feedback from others team members taking part was always a nice reward for the hard work!’ 

Another of the team members; Anna Ley; said ‘I loved how the group kept me motivated. I watched as my friends were keeping active, and it continued to inspire me to do the same. I even plucked up the courage to try out a couple of new classes at the gym. I am glad we are continuing the group to keep us going throughout the year.’ 

Following the success of the challenge amongst employees in January, we decided to keep the motivation going, and many of the team have been continuing to post in the weeks that have followed. 

We’re looking forward to more fitness challenges in the future!

Take a look at some of our photos below: