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Keeping your business untethered and productive.


A fast, secure network can bring many benefits to a business, however achieving one can be tricky. With many solutions available selecting the ‘right’ one can feel overwhelming. At Highgate, we can help you. Through a series of services, we bring you agnostic, technical expertise providing you with all the information you need to build the network you need.

Our solutions include...

Network Audits

Highgate’s network audits and reviews are designed to help keep your business connectivity operating to the best of its ability. We examine your network infrastructure from top to bottom. Including the hardware and software used, how it all connects, what parts require maintenance and suggestions on how to improve it.

Our solutions include...

SD-WAN Services

With the increasing use of bandwidth hungry applications and with home working more common than ever before, businesses are encountering new challenges within their network. Many are finding that it may be time to branch out from the traditional solutions and begin to adopt newer solutions, such as SD-WAN.

Our solutions include...

Wireless Networking

Giving you the ability to stay connected to the network but roam untethered. We can plan, supply, install and maintain a wireless network tailored to your business. We offer various deployments methods; centralised, converged and cloud-based.

Adopting a wireless network brings many benefits, including convenience, mobility, productivity, easy setup, expandability, security and reduction of costs.

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