In February, we completed our carbon footprint audit for 2021 and are proud to have been verified as Carbon Neutral Plus.

Carbon Neutral Plus

Our remote working model means we avoid producing greenhouse gases from buildings; however, we are responsible for the emissions produced by our homeworkers.

Our total emissions for 2021 were 6tCO2e. This calculation is across scopes 1 and 2, plus we included our business travel from scope 3. 2021 was a year of Covid lockdowns and reduced travel, so our emissions have been impacted by that.

At Highgate, we double offset our 2021 emissions and by doing so, we were verified as Carbon Neutral Plus.

Details of what projects our offsetting will help can be found by clicking here

Dedicated Sustainability Lead

Jenny Latimer joined us in September 2021 as Alliances Manager and Sustainability Lead. Jenny’s personal passion for sustainability made her the perfect person to build and develop Highgate’s sustainability strategy. We are proud to say that Jenny was named as a finalist in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards for Young Sustainability Executive of the Year. Plus, she is a finalist in the CRN Tech Impact Awards, in the Sustainability Unsung Hero category.



Remote workforce

We are a 100% remote workforce. By eliminating the need for a building and daily commute, this helps us significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, we conduct the majority of our meetings via Microsoft Teams and avoid unnecessary travel too.

4-day week

Reducing carbon footprint through decreased energy use, as well as enabling more sustainable lifestyle changes to employees outside of work. Find out more about our 4-day week here


Supply chain

We collate information from our supply chain partners, so we are able to identify whose sustainability goals align with ours and work collaboratively to achieve them. This is essential when assessing our Scope 3 emissions, in the hope to be net zero.

Plus, we run joint initiatives with some partners.

IT asset disposal (ITAD)

Ensuring IT equipment is disposed of in a secure yet ethical way.

Find out more here.



Sustainability packs

Throughout the year, we send our employees products that will help the environment. In March, we sent out packets of wildflower seeds with our partner Agilitas. Wildflowers contribute to biodiversity by being a great food source for bees, feeding birds in the winter and also being the only place that some butterflies plant eggs. Plus, all plants absorb CO2 and pollution. To encourage maximum participation and impact, we turned it into a friendly competition and awarded prizes for the best crop!

Also, we have sent out litter pickers to our teams and asked them to spend some time away from their desks cleaning up their local area.

plant pot


Finalists in:

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Young Sustainability Executive of the Year – Jenny Latimer

CRN Tech Impact Awards

Clean Energy Leader of the Year – Highgate IT Solutions

Sustainability Partnership of the Year – Highgate IT Solutions and Agilitas

Sustainable IT Solutions Provider of the Year – Highgate IT Solutions

Sustainability Unsung Hero – Jenny Latimer

Lenovo’s Accelerate Partner Awards 2022 – Sustainable Partner of the Year

Our Sustainability Partners


Highgate are proud to support The Global Goals

In 2015, 193 world leaders agreed 17 goals to tackle poverty, equality and climate change.

At Highgate, we are proud to be a ‘Support the Goals’ signatory, find out which more below.

global goals
no poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Highgate supports The Foxton Centre, a Preston based charity that supports those in need. Our donations have helped them feed families, contribute towards heating costs and provide essentials to those in emergency accommodation.

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

At Highgate we strive to have a fair and inclusive workplace. In February 2023, Highgate are proud to disclose that 36% of their employees are female.

We plan to increase this to 40% by 2025.

responsible consumption

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

We have aligned ourselves to partners that deliver services such as IT asset disposal and IT equipment maintenance on our behalf. ITAD ensures that equipment is disposed of in a compliant and responsible way, avoiding landfill. Break fix/maintenance services aim to extend a product’s lifecycle and prevent equipment being disposed of unnecessarily.

climate action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Since 2021, Highgate have been tracking their carbon emissions across scope 1 and 2. Plus, a scope 3 category too, business travel.

By offsetting our emissions by over 125%, we are considered a Carbon Neutral Plus organisation.

Office administration organisations have on average of between 2 and 5 tCO2e per employee, per year.

Our aim is to ensure Highgate’s average emissions per employee is under 1 tCO2e per employee.