Highgate Launch Giki Zero Pro!

As part of our ongoing sustainability strategy, we are pleased to announce that here at Highgate, we have launched Giki Zero Pro, an online platform and app, that helps our employees learn more about sustainability, ESG and climate change, while tracking and reducing their carbon footprints.

“We were keen for our sustainability strategy to reach further than our business operations and Giki Zero Pro helps us do that. Giki helps our employees live more sustainably, build their knowledge on the subject and complete steps to reduce their personal carbon footprints,” explains Jenny Latimer, Highgate’s Head of Alliances & Sustainability Lead.

“The introduction of Giki Zero Pro compliments our efforts to put sustainability at the forefront of our operations. Over the past 12 months, we have become carbon neutral plus, run a number of sustainability initiatives with partners, provided our employees with sustainability packs, introduced IT asset disposal offerings, actively raised awareness of sustainability in the IT channel, plus more steps to strengthen our strategy and help combat climate change. Utilising some of the features within Giki Zero Pro, we have been able to set team targets and used the leaderboard to run friendly competitions! It has really helped to engage all employees and by getting maximum participation, that means maximum impact,” Jenny continues.

Since launching Giki Zero Pro at the start of September, overall Highgate has completed 60 goals and based on our successful commitments, we have avoided over 1290kg of CO2 emissions.

Congratulations to Sally Darling, Chris Russell and Chanice Fleming who had the top 3 sustainability scores in September – the score is based on their overall carbon footprint, goals completed and goals attempted.

For October, Highgate have set the following company goals:

  • Share Giki Zero with someone
  • Grow your knowledge about climate change – our book club this month is ‘There is No Planet B’!
  • Complete the work from home checklist

Co-founder of Giki, Jo Hand comments, “Many people are engaged and concerned about climate change and sustainability but don’t necessarily know what to do about it, or how to act.  We want to help people be confident about taking practical action to address climate change and help shift mindsets to consider sustainability at home and at work. This is exactly what Highgate IT Solutions is now doing.”

For more information on Highgate’s sustainability achievements, visit our dedicated page: https://highgate-it.co.uk/sustainability/

About Giki Zero Pro

An evidence-led B Corp that helps people learn to live more sustainably and then take step-by-step actions to cut their carbon footprint.

Giki’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge and tools to reduce carbon and transform our world, step by step.

Giki Zero is recommended by the UN High Level Climate Champions and Giki works with small communities through to major global companies to help them transform how employees think about their carbon footprint and measure the impact of their actions.

Giki’s unique approach helps you reach, engage, and educate your teams to make step-changes to reduce carbon, creating a more engaged, happier, and sustainable environment.  Over time it will help embed the sustainability within the culture of the organisation

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