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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Bitdefender MDR is Trusted. Always.

Organizations today need a cybersecurity partner who they can trust to mitigate business disruptions by actively protecting against cyberattacks and filling critical gaps within security teams with 24×7 managed detection and response. They need a provider recognized with superior technologies and global services coverage to grow and protect their business safely and securely. Bitdefender MDR enables you to overcome cybersecurity challenges with 24×7 security monitoring, advanced attack prevention, detection, and response from a team of experts you can hold accountable. Besides the benefit from our industry renowned endpoint technology, GravityZone® Business Security Enterprise, and its comprehensive feature set, you also receive dedicated support and managed onboarding through the security expertise in Bitdefender’s Global Security Operations Center (SOC).


  • 24×7 monitoring and response to eliminate operational overhead of managing security alerts and events.
  • Threat hunting via continuously monitoring the global threat landscape to best protect your organization.
  • Threat intelligence by researching cyber threats, geopolitical activities, and global data trends.
  • Incident root cause and impact analysis for comprehensive after-action reporting.
  • Dark web monitoring to discover leaked organizational information.

Bitdefender MDR Service & Technology

Bitdefender MDR services are supported by a key set of technologies, including our native, best-of-breed EDR solution, that underpin our iterative process to continuously protect organizations.

At a Glance

Bitdefender MDR helps you with the security challenges of today – so they won’t be challenges tomorrow. Be it alert fatigue, tool complexity, skills and resources constraints, or compliance and privacy concerns, Bitdefender MDR is trusted always, protecting your employees, systems, and data 24×7.

Key Benefits

  • Security services tailored for your organizational needs for the most effective defence measures by assessing your environment and unique risk profile within the wider threat landscape.
  • Leading security professionals with in-depth experience and expertise dedicated to you and who continuously monitor your environment and act when needed.
  • Leverages more than just endpoint defence with MDR for GravityZone XDR, which includes additional cloud, identity, network, and productivity application sensors to ensure the utmost visibility of your entire environment.