Mist AI and Cloud - Transform IT with AI-driven operations and support

Juniper Mist AI is the world’s first AI driven wired and wireless network – the platform makes networking predictable, reliable and measurable and provides unmatched visibility into the user experience.

AI-driven proactive automation means the end of time consuming manual IT tasks, and the platform’s self-healing capabilities  give businesses the opportunity to lower networking operational costs, and save considerable time and money.

Businesses can increase the value of their wireless network through the use of Juniper’s personalised location services  – wayfinding, proximity notifications and asset location. The programmable microservices cloud architecture delivers maximum scalability and performance.

Juniper Mist AI combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques to enhance user experiences and streamline operations across all wired and wireless access, as well as SD-WAN domains.

The platform takes in data from many sources to gain end-to-end insights. Sources  include Juniper Mist Access Points, Switches, Session Smart Routers and Firewalls. Mist AI is then able to optimise user experience from client-to-cloud, including automated event correlation, root cause identification, Self-Driving Network™ operations, network assurance, proactive anomaly detection, and more.

Juniper are also utilising Mist AI when it comes to customer support. Marvis is the industry’s first AI-driven Virtual network Assistant. Marvis is a conversational assistant which provides unmatched insight and automation. Machine learning allows Marvis to grow it’s knowledge and proactively correct issues in real time – meaning fewer IT problems and accelerated issue resolution.

Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance

Using Mist AI and machine learning, wireless networks become predictable, reliable and measurable, as the Wi-Fi Assurance cloud service automates troubleshooting and operations. It also provides near-real-time visibility into user service levels.

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance

Juniper Mist Wires Assurance sets a new network management standard, using AI-driven operations and automation. Devices connected to resources through Juniper EX Series Switches will have an improved experience .

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance

The Juniper Mist WAN Assurance service simplifies operations, improves visibility into end-user experiences, and shortens SD-WAN mean time to repair.

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

Marvis is the first virtual network assistant purpose-built with Mist AI for enterprise WLANs, LANs, and WANs. Marvis makes network operations proactively remediated rather than reactively troubleshooting.

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is a cloud-based subscription service, offering end-to-end network observability, giving IT and line-of-business users exceptional network and location insights.

Juniper Mist User Engagement

Virtual Bluetooth LE array technology and cloud-based machine learning are used for User Engagement. Deployment costs are reduced and real-time indoor location services are much more accurate.

Juniper Mist Asset Visibility

Asset Visibility uses detailed location analytics to make it easy to find key assets and people. Juniper Mist makes this always available at your fingertips.

Juniper Mist Risk Profiling

Mist AI driven Risk Profiling allows you to defend your network by understanding risk associated with each connecting device. This includes IoT, and dynamically enables the most appropriate access and security policy.

Juniper Mist IoT Assurance

Juniper Mist IoT Assurance is a cloud service which streamlines IT operations, all the while securing network connections for headless IoT and BYOD devices. Multi Pre-Shared Keys (MPSK) or Private Pre-Shared Keys (PPSK) are used to provide a method of onboarding client devices without relying on client MAC addresses.

Juniper Mist Access Assurance

Juniper Mist Access Assurance delivers zero-trust, identity-based network access control in a flexible yet simple policy framework for onboarding guest, IoT, BYOD, and corporate devices.