Using a device’s serial number, Lenovo is able to provide a realistic sum of carbon emissions produced during production, shipment to the UK and typical usage cycle over 5 years for their PC range. Being the first in the industry to do so, Lenovo are supporting organisations to proactively support the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Offset your new PC device’s carbon emissions with Lenovo & Highgate

At Highgate, we are always looking for new ways to develop our sustainability strategy and collaborating with partners to bring our customers sustainable solutions is one of our priorities.

Working with Lenovo, we are now able to give our customers the option of offsetting their new device’s CO2 emissions at point of purchase.

Using the serial number, Lenovo are able to calculate emissions produced during manufacturing, shipping to the UK and typical usage for five years. They have partnered with leading certified providers of CO2 offset services to make the process as simple for customers as possible.

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