Teal - Smoothwall Affiliate partner

Smoothwall Classwize

Keep your students engaged and your lesson on track with the most agile, 100% teacher-centric, cloud solution in the UK.

Real-time Teacher Dashboard

Glance over your teacher dashboard to see who is on and off task. Zoom in for a detailed view.

Open Site

Save time by immediately opening sites for your whole class or individual students with one click.

Pause The Internet

When the teacher wants to really
manage distraction, stop all internet
browsing with a single click. Great
for when you want the attention of
the whole class or can be used with
individual students.

Live Chat

With Live Chat teachers can discreetly message individual students to direct them back on task or check they are ok. Or message the entire class all at once.

Tailored Policies

Minimise distraction by deciding what websites your students can and can’t see before every class. Keep it open for older students or narrow it down for younger children.

Evidence - PDF Screenshots

If a student visits inappropriate sites
you can take a silent snapshot of their screen to support a discussion with them later.

Teal - Smoothwall Affiliate partner

At Highgate, we are proud to be a Smoothwall Gold Partner. We are passionate about the safety and wellbeing of children. Through their extensive portfolio, Smoothwall provides a complete online safety infrastructure that protects students, staff and networks – at every touch point.

Keeping children safe in education

In collaboration with Smoothwall, we offer consultancy workshops that assess and analyse an educational setting, providing recommendations on how to develop their safeguarding policies and processes.

Keeping children safe in education

 Smoothwall is the leading digital safeguarding solutions provider in UK Education. 10,000 schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts depend on their technologies to keep students safe and education organisations compliant.

Smoothwall Solutions

Smoothwall Filter

Achieve a safer digital learning environment with pioneering real-time, content-aware web filtering.

Smoothwall Solutions

Smoothwall Firewall

Complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of our market-leading Smoothwall filter.

Smoothwall Solutions

Smoothwall Monitor

Complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of our market-leading Smoothwall filter.

Smoothwall Solutions

Safeguard Record Manager

Easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.

Smoothwall Solutions

E-safety Training

Providing teachers, school staff, parents and pupils with knowledge to understand online dangers. In partnership with National Online Safety.

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