Secure APIs and applications with confidence, not complexity

ThreatX is a fully managed API and application protection platform. Their team of dedicated experts provide 24/7/365 support via protection as a service, alongside proactive threat hunting, zero-day protection and customer defences which are made to fit your specific business needs.

The platform blocks botnets and advanced attacks based on risk, in real-time and without burdening your existing teams.


(not as severe)

Scanning & mapping

Evasion Techniques

(getting more severe)

Location masking & cycling Ips, Low & slow attacks

High-risk Attacks

(most severe)

Botnet, automated threats, API abuse, Account takeover, Credential stuffing & brute force, DDoS

How ThreatX Works


Discover APIs (including shadow APIs).


Detect threats and suspicious activity with behavioural analytics.


Track attacker behaviour over time, even as they attempt evasion.


Block with confidence by automatically blocking attackers based on risk.

ThreatX offers one solution for both real-time and risk-based blocking. The platform can identify and block threats, without false positives and their agentless RAAP (Runtime API and App protection) extends beyond the front door and addresses a myriad of risks in a runtime environment.

As ThreatX is fully managed, IT teams will be unburdened and time to remediate will be improved.

The platform can be up and running within hours, and once it is, sites can be onboarded in under 15 minutes. It also gives real-time visibility, allowing visualisation of web-facing assets and the threats against them. Management is simplified by automatic responses to threats based on risk, backed by experts operating 24/7.

Block botnets and advanced attacks in real time

ThreatX constantly monitors, assesses and blocks attacks automatically. It learns what threats look like and stops them based on their risk level. This means sites can stay available and business continues.

Ward off attacks with zero hand-holding

Sites can be onboarded in under 15 minutes. Threats will be blocked in an instant. ThreatX’s platform uses simple dashboards that make it simple to understand what’s going on.

Get your nights and weekends back

ThreatX has an expert team that take on the management of zero-day threats. This requires more than just software.